Extra Pesach groceries

Tziona Zeffren

I have some extra Pesach groceries that I don’t need. I can sell if you want to avoid going to stores:

I bag of Bissli pizza flavor (6 pack)
2 boxes pancake mix
3 small 24 oz bottles of oil
I large lemon juice
2 containers 16 oz of cake meal
2 jars strawberry jelly
3 cans tomato paste
Email me or text if you’re interested.
(314) 591-0228
I can leave by my door whatever you want.

Tziona Zeffren

I have a large 32 oz bottle of lemon juice, one container of pareve chocolate syrup, 2 pancake mixes, 2 cans of tuna left.
Text me if you are interested in buying these.
(314) 591-0228.