Call for chessed opportunities and donations!


Hi everyone!

I am messaging about two opportunities for chessed/tzedaka during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. There is currently a need at hospitals for iPads to help services complete virtual rounds in an effort to reduce disease transmission. If you have an iPad you are willing to donate/lend for the foreseeable future, please send me an email at <noamgrysman@...>. Must be iPad 2 or later, and comfortable of factory reset for privacy purposes. Alternatively, monetary donations to allow units to purchase iPad or virtual health equipment would also be greatly appreciated. 

2. As someone close to (but not directly on) the front lines dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, I see every day that despite the risks, health care workers are coming into work every day to care for the ill, despite the risk they expose themselves to. Showing our healthcare workers encouragement, kindness, patience and support at this time is of utmost importance. One way to do this is to send pictures and letters of support to our hospital workers:

This is how it can be done:
  1. Children, teens, adults, anyone can participate
  2. Draw pictures or write letters of support for any members of hospital staff: it can be for nurses, cafeteria, doctors, cleaning crew, transport, lab technicians, whoever.
  3. Scan these letters/pictures, and send to my email, <noamgrysman@...>. Subject of email should be "Support for SLU HCW" (helps me keep track of which emails, and what to look for if it gets marked as junk). If you want, you can include your first name, age, and one sentence you or your child would want to include with the picture (optional) .
  4. From there, I will forward all of these to be printed out the letters and pictures, and they will be posted in staff break rooms. 
Staff right now are also stressed with the current outbreak, but they remain dedicated to their job, and are putting their health on the line, especially with all the mask rationing currently going on. This would really help.
Thanks for your kindness!

Noam Grysman