Are you in Eretz Yisroel ..

Zipporah Yaroslawitz

.. Or do you know someone who is. Feel free to pass this along. 

חג שמח!
‏From the Yaris
We Are זוכה  to Spend חג הסוכות  Here In ירושלים!
We Would Love To See You!
Please Join Us ..
יום ג׳ של סוכות
‏3rd day of Sukkos
2-4 pm
In the sukkah of 
ABBA and PAMELA (fox)
21 Shonei Halachot 
(Corner Bonei Hachomot )
Jewish Quarter of Old City of Jerusalem 
Delicious food...זמירות....

PS  It is the day of the gathering of ברכת כהנים at the כתל.   Consider some extra time for travel . 
משפחת יארי
The Yari family. 
If possible, please rsvp to :
Or 314.435.9282