Aish Hebrew School for Kids & Adult Sunday School - Sep 8 thru May 17

Claire Wolff

AISH HEBREW SCHOOL is the place where your child will experience Judaism in a vibrant setting, combining relevant learning with lots of fun activities. Our teachers are young, dynamic educators and superb role models. We have a small student to teacher ratio.
The curriculum consists of ehical lessons from the Torah portion, such as giving to charity and acts of kindness, as well as Hebrew language and celebrating Jewish holidays. It stresses lessons that are relevant to daily living such as positive speech, honoring parents, and treating every person with respect.
We welcome Jews of all backgrounds. Tuition is affordable. No membership is required.
To find out more or to register, please contact our Hebrew School Director, Mrs. Rachael Kornblum at 314-862-2474 or rbk7320@.... 

Do you want to do something on Sundays that will change your week? Do you want to be less stressed, create balance in your life, and have the wisdom to focus on what really matters? Join Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald for two back to back classes: Ethics of the Fathers and Parsha of the Week. Learn practical wisdom for a richer, more meaningful life.
Suggested donation: $10 For more information, please contact Rabbi Greenwald at 314-862-2474 or sgreenwald@...