I am moving to Israel and have many items for sale, mostly furniture.
I tried twice to send this email with several photographs of the first four items, but it kept getting returned to me. If you want to see one of the first four items for sale, let me know, and I can send you a photo to your personal email.
  Shofar - $125
  Two sofas - $375
  Two lamps - $50
   4 dining room table-ish chairs - $75
  A smooth, wood round table - $25 (I used the chairs and table as a
kitchen table and chairs)

  Large computer desk with drawers on both sides - $100
  Beautiful breakfont, must see (can't photograph yet, all my boxes are
in front of it), black and smooth wood finish, lights up inside - $600
  Queen-sized bed with a thick, full, large, comfortable mattress,
headboard and footboard, the most comfortable bed I've ever had, sadly
it's too big to take to Israel - $500 or best offer
  Wooden dresser, 3 drawers - $30
  Large white shelving unit (holds TV, has drawers, shelves) - $75
  Matching dressing room table with mirror - $35
  Long, thick glass table that goes in front of sofas - $50
  Long wooden table that goes in front of sofas - $15
  Stretch lamp with special kind of light bulb that has extra bright
rays especially for the winter time - $15
  CyberHome DVD Player AND Recorder, hardly used - $75 (I did some
research, the lowest price I could find on a new one was $100)
  Regular DVD player, a nice one - $45
  3 VHS players, take your pick - $35
  The bed will be available for pick-up on March 31. Everything else
can be taken either immediately, or after March 20th (Purim!).
  Cash or PayPal only. Phone calls on Shabbat are okay after 1 p.m.
  Thanks! Todah!

Laurie Goldberg / Skype ID: shalomlaurie