volunteers needed for St. Louis community eruv

Barbara Ast

March 14, 2008
Green Level - Volunteers stand down. The Eruv has been repaired by
our lineman.

We are always looking for volunteers to fill our ranks. If you, or
someone you know, are interested please email to
alan.haber@..., or call 314-368-4446. We need volunteers
who are available on a regular permanent basis and those who can
work as needed.

- Friday March 14 - Parsha Vayikra - Candle lighting time 6:50 pm

- The Eruv is Kosher - Shabbat Shalom
- Eruv Color Alert Chart -
Red - Immediate repairs needed
Yellow - Maintenance needed to maintain Eruv future integrity
Green - Stand Down -Repairs were made. Thank you to the Eruv
Volunteers for being at the ready.