Rabbi Scott Shafrin, Rabbi Neal Rose and more!

Susan Kemppainen

I want to invite you to two new programs on the Mirowitz Center calendar, with Rabbi Scott Shafrin and Rabbi Neal Rose! Listed below are the details. I hope you will also check out other upcoming online Mirowitz Center programs! We are proud to offer something for everyone… a virtual tour of Grand Center, a special exhibition of German art at SLAM, a talk on optimal health and resilience, a discussion about food insecurity in St. Louis, insights into Groucho Marx’s personal and professional life… and so much more! You can view and register for our Zoom programs online, call 314-733-9813 or simply reply to this email. Mirowitz Center programs are free of charge, and our goal is to keep you stimulated, busy and engaged during the pandemic and the cold months ahead. Thank you for your interest and Shabbat shalom.


The Prophetic Voice in the Modern World - Rabbi Scott Shafrin

1/7/2021 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (Every Thu 1/07/21-1/28/21)

Starting on January 7, 2021 at noon, for four consecutive Thursdays, join Rabbi Scott Shafrin, the Associate Rabbi and Religious School Director at Kol Rinah, to begin an exploration of the prophetic voice in the modern world. Since the very beginning of Jewish tradition, the prophet has stood out as an anomaly within Jewish life: both a position of leadership and an outsider, a person of respect and a pariah whose words are ignored. Yet, the words of the prophets are repeated often, as both Haftarot on Shabbat and holidays, and timeless truths that speak to our values in every age. Together, we will look at how the voices of many of the different prophets ring out clearly from the past, calling us back to our essential values in this and every generation.


Let's Learn Mamaloshen! Yiddish Class with Rabbi Neal Rose

2/2/2021 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (1st & 2nd Tue every month)

Many Yiddish words, such as shtikkvetch and platz have become part of the American vernacular, but they are actually part of a rich language that originated in the 9th century in Central Europe and came to be the lingua franca of Ashkenazi Jewry. Learn to speak this lively language that is making a comeback across the globe and across generations! Beginning on Tuesday, February 2 at 2 PM, on the first and second Tuesday afternoon of each month, Rabbi Neal Rose will be leading a class in Yiddish for beginners and those wanting to improve their Yiddish. Reading Yiddish is not a prerequisite for participation. The text book for the class, Yiddish Dictionary and Phrasebook by Vera Szabo, provides transliteration as well as Yiddish text. Copies of the book should be purchased in advance of the class and are available on Amazon.




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