St. Louis Celebrates 26th Anniversary of the St. Louis Community Eruv


St. Louis Community Eruv to Celebrate 26th Anniversary

        On Friday, December 9, 1994, the St. Louis Community Eruv was first completed and inspected.  Now, this year of 2020, the Jewish Community celebrates the 26th Anniversary of the Eruv on December 11.  Except on Shabbat 4 times during the past 1,352 (26 x 52 weeks), the Eruv has been available for all of us to use within its 20-mile perimeter.  The Eruv remains a constant source of pride and accomplishment for our community. 

The Eruv is inspected every week by two very qualified and dedicated inspectors.  After their mid-week reports, Eruv repairs are done by a few dedicated volunteers before that week’s Shabbat candle-lighting.  When necessary, the volunteers work a qualified lineman who was trained to climb utility poles and electric towers for Ameren UE.  In the winter, cold temperatures cause breaks in the Eruv when moldings and plastic strings become brittle and crack. In the spring and summer, the Eruv inspectors also report the need for Eruv maintenance, such as pruning of tree branches that damage or interfere with the Eruv’s integrity. 
        In addition to Eruv repairs and maintenance, the Eruv has been rerouted to avoid construction of major road, bridge and MetroLink projects as well as the building of new sidewalks, bicycle paths and commercial / residential buildings projects.  The Eruv has been expanded to more neighborhoods, especially to include the Washington University campus and its ongoing growth.  Such expansions increase Shabbat hospitality and synagogue attendance.  They help those requiring assistance to get out on Shabbat, to attend synagogue, and to share all that is available in celebration and in learning.  The Eruv is a service to all individuals and families within its boundaries to enhance their celebration of Shabbat.
        The same volunteers of 1994 still continue to repair and maintain the Eruv.  The long-term viability of our community Eruv requires new younger volunteers and sufficient funds to operate the Eruv, including insurance, weekly inspections, supplies and tools needed for the repairs and maintenance of the Eruv boundary. On this 26th anniversary celebration of the St. Louis Community Eruv, we are soliciting financial support of the Eruv from those who live within it.  We request that you consider a contribution to the Eruv of $200 or more.  To make an online contribution by credit card or PayPal account, please go to the Eruv website, and select the DONATE button. Contributions by check should be made payable to St. Louis Community Eruv, Inc. and mailed to:

St. Louis Community Eruv, Inc.
c/o Joel Garbow, Ph.D., Treasurer
7947 Cornell Avenue

St. Louis, Missouri  63130

Please respond quickly and generously! 

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St Louis Community Eruv Inc is not-for-profit and tax exempt.  Contributions are deductible from US and State income taxes.