Tips From The Moderators

Janet Weinberg

Dear STLJCL ListServ Members Greetings.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members happy fall foliage season and continued good health. We also wish to remind you all how to successfully navigate our community listserv. Please share this email and encourage friends and family to join our community listserv. We know from personal conversations how much our community listserv helps people on a daily basis.


Below are instructions on how to Post messages; Subscribe to the ListServ, Unsubscribe; or seek help


Post: STLJCL@groups.IO

Subscribe: STLJCL+subscribe@groups.IO

Unsubscribe: STLJCL+unsubscribe@groups.IO

Help: STLJCL+help@groups.IO


If for some reason you can’t remember all of the above just remember to go to our Home Page STLJCL@groups.IO  and scroll all the way down until you see the above instructions.


Disclaimer: We would like to take this opportunity to remind all ListServ members that the St. Louis Jewish Community ListServ is a free service run by volunteers including   moderators and technical assistants. While this is a closed group which requires screening to join, we can’t vouch or recommend any products, persons, or charitable agencies. We recommend that ListServ members carefully screen all products, people or agencies that post on the Community ListServ as you would on any other platform.  


Please share this email with friends and family and help us to continue to grow our STLJCL ListServ Community.


The Moderators

Barbara Ast

Jill Mogil

Debby Schuman

Janet Weinberg



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