Union for Traditional Judaism Seeks Part-Time Coordinator

Traditional Congregation

UTJ’s Mission:

The Union for Traditional Judaism (UTJ) advocates for a passionate, open-minded approach to Torah study and observance of Jewish law (Halakhah) rooted in classical religious sources and informed by modern scholarship.  We encourage all Jews to understand and live within the actual parameters of Jewish law, avoiding the temptation to rewrite them in the spirit of popular culture without evading legitimate contemporary questions.

The UTJ seeks a part-time coordinator to assist in our efforts and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our mostly volunteer organization.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinate efforts to build our volunteer base (executive and general board and committees), including recruitment and coordination of regular meetings
  • Manage communications with membership, the public, and professional consultants
  • Coordinate yearly membership campaign and periodic fundraising solicitations
  • Coordinate programs in consultation with volunteer committees
  • Coordinate regular meetings of Morashah, the rabbinic fellowship of UTJ

Key skills include:

  • Organization, including the ability to track and coordinate efforts by volunteers
  • General computer competency
  • Self-motivation
  • A passion for our mission


The position is a part-time position and can be performed from any location.    Compensation will be $20 per hour, starting at 10 hours per week with the possibility of growth in hours and compensation if the efforts by the successful candidate lead to increased revenue for the organization.


Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to office@....  Kindly submit any questions to the same email address.

Marian S. Gordon 
Executive Director 
Traditional Congregation 
12437 Ladue Rd 
St Louis MO 63141 
314-576-1162 fax