Shop Shavuot at the Circle@Crown Cafe

Randi Schenberg

Shop Shavuot at the Circle@Crown Cafe.
Available items: egg soufflé, blintze soufflé, egg salad, tuna salad, white bean hummus, eggplant antipasto dip, and olive dip.
Place your order by tomorrow (6/6) by calling 314-991-2055, ext. 141.


NEW - Starting next Friday, the cafe will have a selection of dips and salads in our "grab & go" case that will be ideal starters and sides for your Shabbat lunch.


Thank you for your business.  As a customer of the Circle@Crown Cafe, you are supporting the programs and services at Crown Center for Senior Living.


Randi Schenberg

Community Relations Director

Crown Center for Senior Living

8350 Delcrest Drive

Saint Louis, MO 63124