millers string cheese


I still have 4 pkgs of Kosher for Pesach string cheese for sale.  $4.16 each package which has 6 individually wrapped cheese sticks.   
Someone claimed them but never got back to me to pick them up so if you're seeing this post, please contact me again.  Otherwise, if anyone is interested, please call me at 314 495 3351
Thanks in advance

Kosher for Pesach lipstick


Could someone please tell me specifically which brands of lipstick are Kosher for Pesach... I can't find ingredients on any of my tubes and I can't find the info I'm seeking anywhere.  Just that lipstick needs to have kosherp designation Thanks in advance
strush@sbcglobal or text 314 495 3351

Meals offered thru the J,-613 Catering by Jon Rubin

Robin Rickerman




From: Robin Rickerman
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2020 2:33 PM
Cc: Robin Rickerman <rrickerman@...>; Jon Rubin <jonrubin@...>
Subject: Meals offered thru the J,-613 Catering by Jon Rubin



The J’s 613 Catering Offers Community Kitchen Meals

“We know that many people are feeling helpless right now. Maybe because they’re experiencing difficulties with health or finances, or maybe because they’re in a position to help but don’t know how. We think Community Kitchen Meals can fulfill many needs,” said Lynn Wittels, President and CEO of the J.

The J has repackaged many of its services since closing its doors on March 18, converting its fitness and other programs from on site to online. But hunger isn’t virtual, so 613 Catering, the J-owned kosher catering business headed by Chef Jon Rubin, has created a family-style meal service that can feed our neighbors and feed our desire to help.

Three times weekly, families can order a nutritious, delicious, VAAD-certified kosher dinner for pickup at the J. Additionally, community members may gift a meal (or many) to help those in need.

Each meal feeds four, and costs $60. All orders, requests and logistics will be handled by Robin Rickerman, 613 Catering Manager. Whether you want to purchase a meal for your family, donate a meal or request a gifted meal, call 314.442.3275. Robin will take the orders, process donations and assure our neighbors that delicious, hot meals will be available for them. Because all transactions will be handled by phone, nobody will know which meals are paid and which are gifts.

All donations are tax deductible and gifts of all amounts are welcome. The number of free meals available will be dependent on donations.

“We are so happy to provide these meals,” said Chef Rubin. “It’s a great service for people who want a night off from cooking, for people who want to help fight food insecurity in our community, and quite possibly a lifeline for families who wouldn’t otherwise have a hot meal.”

613 Community Kitchen Meals

What: Family-style meals (feed four), Vaad-certified kosher, available for pickup  
            Provided by 613 Catering, the J’s new catering service

Where: Pick up at the St. Louis Jewish Community Center, Staenberg Family Complex Adult Day                                     entrance (take Willow Village Parkway and park in the lot adjacent to the pool)

When: 3x/week (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) for the foreseeable future EXCEPT during Passover

How: To order, donate, or request a gifted meal: 314.442.3275

Cost: $60 per family meal (feeds four)


To place order- call Robin Rickerman 314-442-3275


Wednesday, April 1

Meat Lasagna

Caesar Salad

Green beans

Garlic bread


Order by NOON on Tuesday

PICK UP between 2:30 and 3:30

DELIVERIES between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m.


Friday, April 3

24 oz sliced ROASTED Brisket OR ROASTED Whole Chicken

Matzo Ball Chicken Soup

Potato Kugel

Asian Stir Fry

Challah Rolls


PICK UP between 2:30 and 3:30

DELIVERIES between 4:00p.m. and 6:00p.m.



Robin Rickerman

Director of J Associates and Events Manager

Jewish Community Centers of St. Louis

OFFICE 314-442-3275




Plastic sheeting and contact paper available

Shari Glestein

If you need contact paper and/ or plastic sheeting to cover counters, tables...for Pesach, I have some extra.
Please text me 
Shari 314-496-6417

Free Boys waterproof Shabbos raincoat and Borsalino black hat for sale


Raincoat has zip out lining. Size 18.  Chereskin Signature .  Free to a good home

Borsalino Black Hat. Excellent Condition.  Size  US 7 1/8.  With box..  $100

Contact for pictures

Jonny Rush 314 874-5004 or jsrush98@...

Call for chessed opportunities and donations!


Hi everyone!

I am messaging about two opportunities for chessed/tzedaka during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. There is currently a need at hospitals for iPads to help services complete virtual rounds in an effort to reduce disease transmission. If you have an iPad you are willing to donate/lend for the foreseeable future, please send me an email at <noamgrysman@...>. Must be iPad 2 or later, and comfortable of factory reset for privacy purposes. Alternatively, monetary donations to allow units to purchase iPad or virtual health equipment would also be greatly appreciated. 

2. As someone close to (but not directly on) the front lines dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, I see every day that despite the risks, health care workers are coming into work every day to care for the ill, despite the risk they expose themselves to. Showing our healthcare workers encouragement, kindness, patience and support at this time is of utmost importance. One way to do this is to send pictures and letters of support to our hospital workers:

This is how it can be done:
  1. Children, teens, adults, anyone can participate
  2. Draw pictures or write letters of support for any members of hospital staff: it can be for nurses, cafeteria, doctors, cleaning crew, transport, lab technicians, whoever.
  3. Scan these letters/pictures, and send to my email, <noamgrysman@...>. Subject of email should be "Support for SLU HCW" (helps me keep track of which emails, and what to look for if it gets marked as junk). If you want, you can include your first name, age, and one sentence you or your child would want to include with the picture (optional) .
  4. From there, I will forward all of these to be printed out the letters and pictures, and they will be posted in staff break rooms. 
Staff right now are also stressed with the current outbreak, but they remain dedicated to their job, and are putting their health on the line, especially with all the mask rationing currently going on. This would really help.
Thanks for your kindness!

Noam Grysman

Low cost grape juice


Chesterfield Walmart has grape juice for sale that is less than the Costco price. To compare, a 64 oz bottle of grape juice at $4 equals the Costco price per ounce. Walmart is selling them for $2.50. There looks to be a good supply, I don't know how long it will last 
Rivka Dushoff-Tobin 

Cancellation of Public Kashering Kelim for Pesach

Yitzy Kowalsky

To our fellow community members:
Please be aware that due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Vaad Hoeir has cancelled the public kashering of kelim. 
The OU has published numerous short videos on how to kasher for Pesach available on YouTube:
Please don't hesitate to contact the Vaad office for any questions. We have set up a special email address to field Pesach questions: .
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Pesach. 

Shifra's Kitchen


Copy of Shifra Newman - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg
Shifra Newman

Extra Pesach Groceries


The following are available for sale:
Joyvin (red) wine,  8 bottles
Dr Brown's Cream Soda,  6 bottles
Apple Juice,  4 bottles
Gluten Free Matza
If interested please contact Shelley List 
or call 314 229 6051
Thanks in advance

Jewish Food Pantry needs your food donations!

Nikki Goldstein

To everyone with extra Pesach items, please consider donating these to the Jewish food pantry.

Kosher food delivery from the J’s Jon & Robin

Robin Rickerman

Catering from the J available Monday, Wednesday and Friday for safe pick up or delivery
Kosher certified by the Vaal Hoeir
see attached file for menu.  Menu will change weekly.
contact Robin at 314-442-3275.  
Leave a message and she will call you back.  Do not leave your order on the phone.  


Extra Pesach groceries

Tziona Zeffren

I have a large 32 oz bottle of lemon juice, one container of pareve chocolate syrup, 2 pancake mixes, 2 cans of tuna left.
Text me if you are interested in buying these.
(314) 591-0228.

Support Gokul

Jacqueline Gerson

Gokul is doing carry outs. We need to support our only kosher restaurant in St. Louis at this difficult time.
Jackie Gerson

Extra Pesach groceries

Tziona Zeffren

I have some extra Pesach groceries that I don’t need. I can sell if you want to avoid going to stores:

I bag of Bissli pizza flavor (6 pack)
2 boxes pancake mix
3 small 24 oz bottles of oil
I large lemon juice
2 containers 16 oz of cake meal
2 jars strawberry jelly
3 cans tomato paste
Email me or text if you’re interested.
(314) 591-0228
I can leave by my door whatever you want.

Wings from coop for sale


I know we're all in the same boat but I've got alot of stuff I wont need since my kids aren't coming for pesach..  I  can sell 5.5 lbs of chicken wings for .99 a lb
A case of cholev yisrael Yummy Kids Vanilla Yogurt (I'll split a case of 48, 4 oz. each) and Millers String Cheese (dairy). I have 8 extra bags with 6 individually wrapped sticks in each bag.
Please let me know if you can use any of these and I'll look up the prices
Thanks in advance

Need RN to put in IV for daughter with MS


This is Marsha Schuman. ( I am a substitute teacher at Torah Prep)Due to the Coronavirus emergency my daughter and her family are living with us. She gets IVIG EVERY to control her MS.The meds will be sent to our home. Is there any doctor or nurse who would come to our Creve Coeur home and put in the line this week? I thank you for helping. I am at a loss of what to do. She is afraid to go to medical places due to being high risk since she is immune compromised. All suggestions welcome.
Marsha Schuman,MA OTR/L

Financial resources during the quarantine

Rachael Kornblum

I just added a new post with many financial resources and aid to help people during the Coronavirus quarantine:

Rachael Kornblum
Mom, Blogger, and Teacher
Blog: "Surviving on a tight budget" -

Vaad Pesach Guide

Yitzy Kowalsky

The Vaad Hoeir Pesach Guide is now available at: .

Jewish resources during the quarantine

Rachael Kornblum

I have compiled numerous Jewish resources for families to use during this time at home. Hope it is helpful!


Rachael Kornblum
Mom, Blogger, and Teacher
Blog: "Surviving on a tight budget" -