Hours for Chesterfield Walmart


Effective immediately, Chesterfield Walmart will be closing at 8:30. Autocenter is totally closed. Vision center does not have an eye doctor, I'm not sure about whether you can pick up contacts and glasses.

Seeking help with Costco run

Sonya M. Davis

If anyone is going to Costco in the near future, can you pick up some things for me?  I’m not able to do it myself, thanks to the coronavirus – it seems that people of my (so-called) advanced age are not supposed to be around large numbers of people. 


Thank you so much,

Sunny Davis


Sonya M. Davis

8035 Cornell Avenue

University City, Missouri 63130

Home: (314) 862-3750

Cell: (314) 239-0143



Advice on homeschooling..


Now that most children are out of school thanks to COVID-19, you might feel a little lost. If this is the case, don't hesitate to reach out. We have been homeschooling part-time for years, and can provide suggestions on how to provide continuity of education, structure the day, etc, in addition to any help that may be already provided by your child's school. We are not 'militant' homeschoolers, just ended up doing it because of circumstances. 

Carole Granillo

HJ’s Café is temporarily closed

Susan Kemppainen

Your health and well-being is important! Following CDC guidelines regarding the need for people to practice social-distancing, HJ’s Café is temporarily closed. We will continue to provide kosher and non-kosher Aging Ahead to-go meals for the community, with daily pickup at *noon.* If you are registered in the Aging Ahead program, please call by noon the day before to reserve your meal or if you are 60+ and wish to register in the program, please call 314-292-7693. Everyone at HJ’s Cafe looks forward to starting up right where we left off, once this virus is contained, and we reopen our doors. Thank you for your continued support! Stay well!



Susan Kemppainen



314-432-1610, ext. 1112   OFFICE



8 Millstone Campus Drive

Suite 2000

St. Louis, MO 63146-6004



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Circle@Crown Cafe Update

Randi Schenberg

Starting March 17, 2020, the Circle@Crown Cafe will have only curbside pick-up available. Please call in your order between 8:00 am - 1:30 pm and we will bring your order out to your car in front of the cafe entrance. Please visit the café menu on our website:  and call 314-991-2055 to place your order.  Payment by credit card only.


Coronavirus resources for families

Rachael Kornblum

I have put together multiple resources for families in light of the recent school closures. See my post here:

Rachael Kornblum

Free internet for 60 days


Spectrum is offering free internet for 60 days. Please find all the information in the link.

Passover home or apartment to rent


Our Passover plans have changed and I am looking for a home or apartment to rent in U. City for Passover. Please let me know if you know of anyplace. willing to rent for the month of April if needed. 

Rice for sale


I know it's just before Pesach, but does anyone need long grain white rice? I had to purchase a 50 lb bag because I couldn't find anything smaller. Maybe some sefardim out there need for their seders? I've portioned into 5 to 6 lb bags @ .47 cents per pound - super cheap! Please message me at 3147573341.

New post on helping your kids during quarantine

Rachael Kornblum

I have created a new post with logistical tips of helping your children during this quarantine. Check it out at:

Stay safe!

Rachael Kornblum

Taking glasses to Israel


Is anyone actually going to Israel soon? I have a pair of glasses for my son that I am trying to get over there. He is in Jerusalem and can pick them up. Please let me know if you are going and can bring them! 

Debbie Friedman

Handyman needed

Shari Glestein

I am looking for a handyman to replace a water fill valve in toilet tank that is no longer working. Thank you.

HJ's Cafe Update

Susan Kemppainen

While the Mirowitz Center is following CDC recommendations, particularly for senior adults, and cancelling group programming for the rest of March, HJ's Cafe will remain open to the public! So, feel free to come for breakfast and lunch during our normal business hours, Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 2 pm. (Kosher kitchen is open Monday – Thursday with some grab ‘n go items available on Friday.) Those enrolled in the Aging Ahead program can still get a $4 meal and may now get Aging Ahead to-go meals. HJ’s Café will continue offering to-go breakfasts/lunches and dinner packages, along with catering, which may be especially useful during this time when many are choosing to stay at home. Those who wish to continue playing Mahjongg/cards at the café are welcome! Attached are our kosher to-go dinner packages, catering information, and an Aging Ahead application (for those age 60 and above – no other requirements!). Any questions, contact me or café manager Lisa Hungler at 314-733-9812 (Lisa.Hungler@...). Thank you and please help spread the word!



Susan Kemppainen



314-432-1610, ext. 1112   OFFICE



8 Millstone Campus Drive

Suite 2000

St. Louis, MO 63146-6004



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OK-Parve items w/ erroneous OK-D on labels

Rivki Rosen

This is regarding the 30 oz jars of Schnucks Yellow Popcorn Kernels and Schnucks White Popcorn Kernels, which have OK-D on their labels, however, the OK Kosher website lists those items as Parve. 
I contacted Eli Methal at OK Kosher to ask about this issue and sent him photos of those labels. He said that it is indeed Parve, and the labels are incorrect. He then added in an email to me: "...OK Kosher contacted the company; they will correct the labels to read OK (Pareve) instead of OKD...." 
I hope others find this info as useful as I did. 
Rivki R  

Gluten free oat matzoh

David Mogil

I am placing an order with the Lakewood Matzoh Bakery for gluten free Oat Matzoh. There Is 1) hand shmurah (round) 3 matzohs per box, & 2) machine shmurah - squares. They are $28 per box plus approximately $2 s&h per box. (Whatever the actual shipping charge divided by the number of boxes). If any one would like any please text me (314) 504-4569. I’m placing an order on Friday.
All the best,
David Mogil

Circle@Crown Cafe - New parve Items prepared for Shabbat

Randi Schenberg

Circle@Crown Cafe – Looking for that special dip, side, or salad for Shabbat or weekend gatherings?

Starting this week (the week of March 9th), dips, sides or salads will be available in the Grab & Go section at the Circle@Crown Cafe to accompany your Shabbat dinner. The items are all parve side dishes made fresh under Vaad supervision in Crown Center's meat kitchen and will be available on Thursdays and Fridays.


Menu for March 12 & 13
White Bean Rosemary Hummus
Olive Salad
Garlic Dip

(½ pound, $4 each, while supplies last)


Call 314-991-2055, ext. 141 for more information.
The Circle@Crown Cafe/Mon – Fri 8am – 2pm.
8350 Delcrest Drive, St. Louis, MO 63124



megillah readings

Rachael Kornblum

My apologies, but somehow my Megillah readings post reverted to a previous version and did not have the Young Israel listings that I added. I have fixed it as of 10:00 p.m. Monday evening. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks!


Rachael Kornblum
Mom, Blogger, and Teacher
Blog: "Surviving on a tight budget" -

Split a case of thighs from costco?


 I understand that Costco will let us buy chickens by the case, ordered in person and with a 10 day pick up time frame.  10 trays to a case.  Anybody want to split a case with me?  I'll go and put in the order .   Let me know asap.  Thanks in advance

Shabbos coat for free


Free boys/mens winter Shabbos coat
Not sure of the size but approx boys large or mens small.  See picture below.  If you know anyone that can use it, please contact me at strush
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Subject:  Free winter Shabbos coat

Save On Shwekey Tickets...Buy In Advance #ShwekeyintheLou

Linda Markowitz

Yaakov Shwekey

Live And In Concert

At Jewish Unity Live 2020

Sponsored by St. Louis Kollel 

$25 General admission  $125 Family Maximum


($36 at the door)

Also available:

$50 Reserved seating (closer to stage)

$100 Sponsor ticket (closest to the stage)


Sunday, March 15th

Anheuser-Busch Performance Hall

Touhill Performing Arts Center (UMSL Campus)

#1 Touhill Circle

St. Louis, Missouri 63121 


Concert starts at 7pm Doors open at 6:30pm
Come early for best seating

Purchase Tickets:


For more info call 314 726-6047