platelet donation needed

rachel shapiro...

Kate Cassorla, a friend of the community who recently received a
stem cell transplant, is in need of platelets, and there is a
current shortage. We call upon all of you to donate as soon as
possible. Please call the Barnes Jewish Hospital Pheresis Donor
Recruiter at 314-362-1253 to schedule an appointment. They can
answer any questions you may have regarding eligibility and donating.

If you recently donated blood at the blood drive (or elsewhere),
they have informed me that you only need 72 hours from the time of
your blood donation to be eligible to give platelets. They will
check your iron level when you arrive to be sure you can give.

You do not have to be a specific blood type to give. Kate is getting
platelet products from the general pool. You cannot direct your
donation to Kate directly, but they said there are currently 5
people who need platelets at Barnes and each receives as he/she
needs, and Kate is among them.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call
the Pheresis Center at 314-362-1253.

Thank you,
Rachel Shapiro
(314) 862-3745

Child Care


I am an adult woman who loves children. I am making aliyah to Israel in about 6 weeks, and meanwhile am unemployed. I am available to take care of children during snow days, after school, in the evenings when you go out, or any time you need some extra help, including during the day.
I have plenty of references, as I was a preschool teacher for one year in Jerusalem, and a kindergarten teacher at Solomon Schechter here in STL for the past 3 years, and I have close and loving relationships with my young cousins and my friends' children.
My number is 314-732-8887. Ask for Laurie. Thank you!

Laurie Goldberg / Skype ID: shalomlaurie


pet insurance

Jill Mogil

I'm looking for a good pet insurance policy. Anyone have any experience  with this?  I spent a fortune at the vet's yesterday!

Jill M. Mogil

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temporary cleaning

Shoshana Hurwitz <shoshyhurwitz@...>

Hi --

I am looking for temporary cleaning help -- I have an amazing cleaning
woman (who I'm willing to share, but only after I leave town!) but she
is taking off the whole month of March to catch up on stuff and I
can't stand the thought of being without her for that long! Anyone
know of a service or person that doesn't cost a fortune and does good
work on a one or two time basis?


Chinese Food extension!!

Melissa Perlman

If anyone is still interested in ordering Chinese food from the amazing
Tein Li Chow in Chicago, The Young Israel of St. Louis has extended the
deadline to Sunday, Feb 24th at 12 noon!! This delicious food will be
delivered on March 4th. If you have not placed your order and want to
do so, or if you need more information, please contact Melissa Perlman
at 432-3101 or Vicki Isakow at 862-5661. Thank you!

Shabbos Robe


I have a gorgeous Black Shabbos Robe for sale. Raza Size M. Never
worn- tags still on.
Warm and glamorous!
Too big on me. Purchase price $115.00. Unique- style number 2122
v2 v116. Jacketed with pleated back.
Can e mail pictures if requested. Contact me
after March 16 at either 727-2825 after 4:30pm or at
strush@... or call Shelley List at
725-9078 before March 16.

please begin posting your messages!

Barbara Ast

The STLJCL is up and running and we need postings! We are busy
recruiting more and more members so that we can reach a broad segment
of the St. Louis Jewish Community. If you would like to post a
message, please email us at STLJCL@....

Ohr Atid Family Walk - April 6, 2008

Rachel Shapiro

SERVICES: Need computer help?

Shoshana Hurwitz <shoshyhurwitz@...>

SERVICES: Need computer help? Ezra the Computer Guy is available to
save the day! Networking, installing hardware and software, building
and configuring PCs. Call Ezra at 314-302-1966.



I bought a Jitterbug phone for my 84 year old mother, but she likes
her regular cell phone (that way she has a chance to call me and
complain about how much trouble it is!)

So, I will sell this NEW phone to SOME LUCKY PERSON at a deep discount
- $100 or best offer - Such a deal!

For those who don't know, Jitterbug is a great service for Seniors.
The phone is comfortable for hearing aids and has good volume control,
and it's a quality phone.

The one that I got allows you to put family phone numbers in. Then the
user only has 3 buttons to choose from -- either they dial one of the
pre-programmed numbers you put in, or they call 911, or they can call
the operator for help. The main point of the program is that the
operators are trained to work with Seniors and help them with whatever
they are trying to do, and they will be happy to make the call for the
user, so Mom or Dad don't have to struggle with the phone. There is no
charge for the operator's service and help. There is an inexpensive
monthly charge for the phone service, just like Sprint or Verizon
would charge.

To learn more about Jitterbug, you can go to:

Call me if you are interested! David Rubin - 569-9859

NIA class

Koshner Family

A NIA class (a fitness /dance class) for women with instructor Robin Bach has been formed for Monday evenings 6:30 at Barbara Drazen's house, 8211 Gannon. Please join us.  If you have any questions please call Eva Gail Bresler, 727-3557 or Ruth Asher 727-6317. 
Koshner Family

LECTURE - Faith Amongst the Ashes

Jenny Druxman <druxman@...>

Looking to our Past
A personal eyewitness account of events that will inspire you
Mr. Shlomo Schlesinger
A Holocaust survivor's tale
Faith Amongst the Ashes
Motzai Shabbos, March 15, 2008
8:45pm to 10:00pm
Missouri Torah Institute/ TICK
14550 Ladue Road
Chesterfield, MO

Event - Purim Parade in University City

Barbara Ast

Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!
His Majesty the King
wishes to express his gratitude to
Mordechai the Jew
for saving the King's life!
By Royal Decree,
Mordechai will ride through the streets of the Kingdom,
upon the royal horse and dressed in the King's own garments,
lead by the King's regent,
Haman the Aggagite
On the fourteenth day of Adar II
Friday, March 21, 2008
The procession will begin at 2:00 p.m.
at the corner of Gay and Cornell
in University City,
and will end at Saxony Court
with music and dancing.
All loyal subjects of the King
are invited to hail Mordechai as he rides by!

volunteers needed for St. Louis community eruv

Barbara Ast

March 14, 2008
Green Level - Volunteers stand down. The Eruv has been repaired by
our lineman.

We are always looking for volunteers to fill our ranks. If you, or
someone you know, are interested please email to
alan.haber@..., or call 314-368-4446. We need volunteers
who are available on a regular permanent basis and those who can
work as needed.

- Friday March 14 - Parsha Vayikra - Candle lighting time 6:50 pm

- The Eruv is Kosher - Shabbat Shalom
- Eruv Color Alert Chart -
Red - Immediate repairs needed
Yellow - Maintenance needed to maintain Eruv future integrity
Green - Stand Down -Repairs were made. Thank you to the Eruv
Volunteers for being at the ready.

Shalach Manos


Are any of the area shuls having a Shalach Manos fundraiser? I won't
be in St. Louis for Purim. I would rather give the money to a shul or
school rather than pay for shipping costs.

Thank you!



I am moving to Israel and have many items for sale, mostly furniture.
I tried twice to send this email with several photographs of the first four items, but it kept getting returned to me. If you want to see one of the first four items for sale, let me know, and I can send you a photo to your personal email.
  Shofar - $125
  Two sofas - $375
  Two lamps - $50
   4 dining room table-ish chairs - $75
  A smooth, wood round table - $25 (I used the chairs and table as a
kitchen table and chairs)

  Large computer desk with drawers on both sides - $100
  Beautiful breakfont, must see (can't photograph yet, all my boxes are
in front of it), black and smooth wood finish, lights up inside - $600
  Queen-sized bed with a thick, full, large, comfortable mattress,
headboard and footboard, the most comfortable bed I've ever had, sadly
it's too big to take to Israel - $500 or best offer
  Wooden dresser, 3 drawers - $30
  Large white shelving unit (holds TV, has drawers, shelves) - $75
  Matching dressing room table with mirror - $35
  Long, thick glass table that goes in front of sofas - $50
  Long wooden table that goes in front of sofas - $15
  Stretch lamp with special kind of light bulb that has extra bright
rays especially for the winter time - $15
  CyberHome DVD Player AND Recorder, hardly used - $75 (I did some
research, the lowest price I could find on a new one was $100)
  Regular DVD player, a nice one - $45
  3 VHS players, take your pick - $35
  The bed will be available for pick-up on March 31. Everything else
can be taken either immediately, or after March 20th (Purim!).
  Cash or PayPal only. Phone calls on Shabbat are okay after 1 p.m.
  Thanks! Todah!

Laurie Goldberg / Skype ID: shalomlaurie




This Purim, don't forget our brothers and sisters in Israel. At the
website,, you can send Mishloach Manot to our boys on
the front lines along with a message that we are thinking of them. You
can also send packages to people in Sderot, and to the refugees from
Gush Khatif. Please check it out!

David A. Rubin

fundraiser for EHA- Passover by Design

morahleahhh <lhssds@...>

SUPPORT Epstein Hebrew Academy TEACHERS & PROGRAMMING with this easy
fundraiser. Enjoy this new release cookbook and support EHA teachers at
the same time.
CHECK TO THE EHA OFFICE.Orders available for pickup from EHA office
approximately April 11th or April 14th FOR QUESTIONS- LEAH HOROWITZ-
LAYAH770@... OR ADI FEEN AT 862-2740
Order: Passover by Design: The Best of the Kosher by Design Series for
the Holiday
In this fifth cookbook in the celebrated Kosher by Design series, Susie
Fishbein makes Passover preparation simple. Featuring a blend of
Passover-adjusted Kosher by Design favorites, with over thirty brand-
new recipes and full-color photos, this is one cookbook you'll love to
use throughout the holiday.
Also includes over 130 gluton-free recipes which makes this the perfect
year-round cookbook for those on a gluten-free diet.

Reminder: Register for the Ohr Atid Family Walk and BBQ - April 6, 2008

Rachel Shapiro

Reminder: Please register for the Ohr Atid Family Walk and BBQ - April
6, 2008.

Join Ohr Atid's Family Walk & BBQ, supporting the "Include Me"
program, benefiting children with special needs in our community's
Jewish Day Schools. Sunday, April 6, 2008 at the JCC Wohl Building
Weinberg Biblical Playground. Registration is 10:30 am. 1K walk at 11
am. BBQ from 11:30 am to 2 pm. Cost is $5 per plate. There will be
prizes and entertainment, and fun for the whole family! Register
online at, or at the event. For a sponsorship form or
for an email letter to send to friends and family, go to Ohr Atid's
website, For more information about this event or the
"Include Me" program, please call 314-862-3745.

online rally Thursday, March 20 for Sderot

Rabbi Hyim Shafner...

As we all know the situation in Sderot and Southern Israel has become dire. We as Jews
can not stand idly by while our fellow Jews are in danger. This Ta'anit Esther we hope to
band together and show solidarity with Sderot and all Jews living in fear of terrorism.

In this historic moment we will hold seven solidarity rallies, spread over four continents,
live on the web, for millions to watch. All you and your congregants have to do is go to to join 1,000,000 other supporters in watching a live
webcast of this unprecedented event.

Below you can find sample email and a banner with the specifics of this event. You cam
find a poster to use, if you want, at The logo
is available at We ask you to email and
spread the word to your congregants; maybe even to discuss it with them on Thursday,
Ta'anit Esther. We have an opportunity to do something that has never been done before.
We will unite once again, like Jews did over 2,000 years ago on Ta'anit Esther, to show our
solidarity with our brothers and sisters in danger. Please do whatever you can to help
show the people of Sderot and Southern Israel that they are not alone.

If you are interested in organizing a group showing of this live webcast please contact

We thank you for your help and support. Every view we get counts--and gives strength to
our brother and sisters living under fire.

More details about this event can be found at

Thank you again and Shabbat Shalom,

Marc Belzberg and the Together4Israel Team