I bought a Jitterbug phone for my 84 year old mother, but she likes
her regular cell phone (that way she has a chance to call me and
complain about how much trouble it is!)

So, I will sell this NEW phone to SOME LUCKY PERSON at a deep discount
- $100 or best offer - Such a deal!

For those who don't know, Jitterbug is a great service for Seniors.
The phone is comfortable for hearing aids and has good volume control,
and it's a quality phone.

The one that I got allows you to put family phone numbers in. Then the
user only has 3 buttons to choose from -- either they dial one of the
pre-programmed numbers you put in, or they call 911, or they can call
the operator for help. The main point of the program is that the
operators are trained to work with Seniors and help them with whatever
they are trying to do, and they will be happy to make the call for the
user, so Mom or Dad don't have to struggle with the phone. There is no
charge for the operator's service and help. There is an inexpensive
monthly charge for the phone service, just like Sprint or Verizon
would charge.

To learn more about Jitterbug, you can go to:

Call me if you are interested! David Rubin - 569-9859

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