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Free podcast for singles and parents! 

Epsiode 14: Men and Women’s Challenges in Shidduchim / Jewish dating.

In today's episode we discuss the guys’ and girl’s challenges in Shidduchim from planning a date to meeting the families. Hear from the Shadchan and the Singles!
We cover many different areas of where the girls have it tougher including break ups, resumes, and the emotional aspect of dating. 
Also, highlighted are some of the challenges for guys when it comes to the logistics of dating, which we discuss with our callers in a humorous and thoughtful way. 

the Nobody Talks Shidduchim Podcast by the Zaigazunt Shidduch Organization. An audio series about Shidduchim and American Jewish Dating. This is a free podcast that simply tries to help young singles in shidduchim with common dating issues and struggles. 



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