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Dear members of St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv

IMPORTANT MSG FROM STLJCL: You may have noticed that you have not received any group messages over a several day period.  YahooGroups has been collapsing for some time & it seems that now it is in a free fall.

Without taking the time right now to tell you all the details, due to the urgent nature of this email, we have immediately today transitioned off of YahooGroups. You are receiving this message via the new platform, Groups IO.

You only need to do ONE thing…when sending a new message for posting, please send it to: 

Everything else is seamless & actually better!

Please, we urge you, go into your email contacts list, delete the yahoogroups email address & insert: 

We are here to help & answer any of your questions. Please email me directly at MAST99999@...

If you have submitted any new messages in the last 12 hours, they are lost. Please resubmit them to this platform asap.
(please feel free to share this on any relevant groups, lists)

Barbara Ast
On behalf of the STLJCL Moderators

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