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Join in Kulanu Yachad’s 24 hour 4x matching campaign! Charidy/Kulanu Yachad

Excerpt from J-PRO Honoree Bio of Rabbi Mordecai & Mrs. Zipporah Yaroslawitz: (fondly known as Yari)

Kulanu Yachad run by the legendary "power-couple" Rabbi and Mrs. Mordecai and Zipporah Yari, spearheads Jewish outreach programs vast in both scope and number.They have sent ripples dancing across the globe, educating and inspiring Jews by the thousand.


The Yari’s, along with Mrs. Yari’s famous challah masterpieces, have adorned many a Shabbaton


(Through lectures or stories, juggling or a moving havdala, Rabbi Yari lights a spark in every soul, in each neshama.


Whether hosting a Shabbos meal of 30 or a Gala Kulanu Yachad Seminar of a 1,000, in the U.S, Eretz Yisroel or Russia, at a seminar or an army base, at a university or a day school Kulanu Yachad always seem to know how to capture the moment and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.

Rivka Berkowitz
Kulanu Yachad
8160 Balson Ave. 
St. Louis MO 63130

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