Acclaimed Father's Day gift

Maurie Axelbaum

Ari Axelbaum and Yoni “Jon” Harris, members of the St. Louis Jewish Community, would like to present:


Would you like to be able to impress your family, friends or girlfriend with delicious recipes?

Do you want the perfect Father’s Day gift that will change your Father/Husband’s life?

The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook was developed by St. Louis' own Yoni “Jon” Harris and Ari Axelbaum over a two year period with chef Brad Hartman and Wiseman Design LLC as well as with photographers, writers, and more. They worked together to create a cookbook tailored towards men who would have not wanted to spend large amounts of time learning to cook. The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook is there to help men quickly improve their skills and cook delicious food with 10 cooking guides,  8 “situation” sections, 87 recipes, and 47 color pictures.

"A Survival Guide to man's most hostile environment"

- Derek Quave, Baton Rouge, LA

The Wisejack Man’s Cookbook is being featured at this year’s ChampionsGate Leadership Conference and the 2011 St. Louis Jewish Book Festival; however, our team is excited to offer the members in our community and network the opportunity to purchase our team’s book in time for Father’s Day before it is available to the general public.

To order The WiseJack Man’s Cookbook :

  • Online at
  • Direct Sales Line: 888-862-6162
  • Email us at sales@... and we can even arrange for a check pick up from your house

Dads - go to the website and fill out the form so you can let your family

know about your Father's Day wish!

P.S. Don’t just take our word for it- please contact us or check out if you are interested in seeing additional information, sample recipes, and a glimpse at what makes our book the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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