St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv
An exciting new initiative connecting members of the greater St. Louis Jewish community.
Run by our community for our community.

With the St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv you can send and receive messages via email within the St. Louis Jewish community. Just join the listserv - you’ll get an emailed daily digest and you’ll be able to start posting messages too. It’s that simple!

Featuring emailed classified ads and announcements, the St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv is a safe, free internet service, hosted by Yahoo Usergroups and monitored by community moderators.

It’s the place to go when you want to sell that train set your kids have outgrown; when you’re looking for someone trustworthy and competent to paint your house; when you can do a mitzvah for someone in need. You can send an email asking for advice, distributing a resume, or selling used goods. You can promote an event or list property for rent and for sale.

We encourage you to think of those in need in our community. This is the perfect avenue to donate items that you no longer need. Please use the listserv to help with this kind of good deed as well.

The more people who use the St. Louis Jewish Community Listserv, the more useful it becomes. Spread the word: tell all your friends!

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