ESS Surplus in Manchester closing <sob>

Bob DeVarney

Sad to say, but my absolute favorite place to shop in the whole world is going out of business.

Electronic Surplus Services of 900 Candia Road in Manchester NH is selling off it's entire inventory of parts, tools, manuals, and chemicals and closing it's doors after a long run.

How long? I really can't say. I've only discovered them myself about ten years ago, but since then I've made it a mandatory visit every six months or so.

Since it's a surplus outfit, you never know what they will have in stock, but there is always a good stock of wire and cable (at 3 dollars per pound on the spool) a bewildering variety of sizes and colors of heatshrink tubing, switches, connectors, NTE replacement semiconductors, capacitors, resistors, electronic tools including ratcheting crimpers for RF connectors, oodles of laptop-style power supplies, video monitors, LEDs, AKRO bins, you name it. Over the years I've purchased several soldering and desoldering stations there, a very nice full size assembly bench, draftsman's chairs, said AKRO bins, several items of test equipment, coaxial cable, silver-plated copper braid, even nylon braid to put over top of a custom wiring harness I made for a set of Morrow Twins.

Did I mention everything is 50% off while it lasts? Have I got your attention now?

I will sure hate to see 'em go... probably the last store anywhere in the area to carry anything of a useful nature in the electronics parts genre.


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