Weather Sat bits and bobs for sale

Bob DeVarney

Hi All,

for the past month+ I have been upgrading my weather satellite station. Previously I have used an Icom PCR-1000 to receive the NOAA polar orbiting satellites at 137 MHz (NOAAs 15, 18, and 19) and copy their APT format weather pictures.
Recently I have begun using an SDR-based receiver to receive not only them, but also the Russian Meteor satellites, also at 137 MHz, ( Meteor M2 and Meteor M2-2) which provide even more interesting imagery. It's like the difference between analog TV and HD.

And a few weeks ago I graduated to copying imagery from the geostationary GOES-16 satellite at 1.7 GHz which has been REALLY stunning.

Along the way I have accumulated some extra pieces that are now surplus to my needs. In fact, I have enough that if you add your own SDR receiver, a simple antenna for 137 MHz, some software, and some coax and a few adapters, you can be "on the air" with a working station.

SO I offer the following package:

Hanatek 24 dB grid dish optimized for use at 1.7 GHz and elevation preset for GOES-16  ($60 new)

DownEast Microwave VHFLNACK built and tested at 137 MHz  ($55 new)

NooElec SawBird+ preamp for 1.7 GHz  ($40 new)

Asking $75 for the package.

Please contact me at w1icw at myfairpoint dot net

P.S. I would also be available to do this as a presentation for a club meeting.

73, Bob W1ICW

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