Lesson 2: Visualizing the Character

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Maybe I went overboard .....

Villainess: Tula Whitacre-Barnes


Background:  She is a wealthy Boston socialite with a Mayflower pedigree, well-educated college MBA graduate, an only child, and unmarried. She is used to having people do things for her.  Her family belongs various social clubs and her father is on the board at The Millionaires Yacht Club. Her father began teaching her business strategy as maneuvering/manipulating people starting in her third grade. She sat beside him during talks, threats and negotiations as he stopped expulsion from school her for stabbing another girl in the arm with a pencil. 


At 25-something, Tula currently has connections to the right people and to the ‘wrong’ people as it suits her.  Her appearance is always part of a strategy to get what she wants in business and in life. She will dress to suit her goals and often it is from the best clothiers around with bespoke accents such as purses and jewelry. All her clothes are in pastels, whites or stark business grey and are taken to a tailor to be fitted properly. She chooses to wear feminine cut suits with skirts at work or dresses at play in order to utilize her sex to get what she wants.  She has a few off-the-rack clothes she wears when she wants her friends to feel sorry for her. Jeans are for vacation, if appropriate for the venue. 


Body build and structure: Tula is a model-tall at a little over 6 ft and 135 lbs, fine-boned, with pale skin without a blemish with straight, thick blonde hair and round blue eyes with long eyelashes and thin eyebrows. Her narrow nose complements her oblong face and narrow chin. Her lips are pouty and warm and when she smiles it is beguiling.  She has straight, white teeth and a well-rounded bosom that money did buy.  She is not overly athletic and prefers to watch rather than participate in active sports like softball, tennis and soccer. She does Pilates and hot yoga at The Club. 


And everything else:  Tula wears her hair contained either in a French twist or tight bun when she is seriously working be it trolling for clients or devising new ad campaigns. Otherwise her blonde hair is styled era-2020 with an inch of her ends dusted with blonde glitter, parted to the side with the length a bit asymmetrically cut to her collarbones. Nothing is out of place. Sometimes she wears gold etched, silver colored chopsticks in her twists or bun as the work situation demands. A minimum of two carat diamond ear studs are worn. Hats must be the height of trendy and are only for outdoor events because she easily sunburns. She wears oversized rounded couture sunglasses whenever she is outdoors and she always wears her signature charm bracelet.

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Carol Henry <carolhenry@...>

WOW! I had a feeling there was a lot going on with the young Miss Tula Whitacre-Barnes, and I wasn’t disappointed J  We’re beginning to see who this character really is already. You have a lot to work with here, and it’s going to be very interesting to see who she goes up against in her story, and how it all pans out.


It will be surprising to see what else we can uncover where Tula is concerned as the class continues, but I’m sure you’re up to the task. A job well done!


And, there is no such thing as going overboard when you’re describing your characters—you might not use it all in their story, but it gives you a better insight into their character when you are writing them into your novel.


Keep up the good work.




Carol Henry

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