Lesson 1 and 2 reply - Jamie

Carol Henry <carolhenry@...>

Hi, Jamie,


Good for your New Years’ resolution, and pulling out some of your fiction to work on. Hopefully we can get your characters motivated to get their story published.


Lesson One—I already love the concept of using the father/son’s in a concurrent romance. I can almost feel the tension between them already.  Seeing as you’ve selected the Abigail, the elder heroine, I’m assuming she’ll already have a lot of baggage to bring along with her, especially as this is an historical romance.


Yep, after reading your Lesson Two, she sure does!


Lesson Two—WOW! You’ve got Abigail nailed down. A lot of interesting descriptions to work with as she tells her story. Specific descriptions that let us know this is an historical without telling us. We can build on many of these as the class progresses, but you are off to a super start.


Great work,



Carol Henry

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