Character-Workshop Lesson 7

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IT’S ALL ABOUT CHARACTER—Beyond the Basics© Lesson 7

By Carol Henry


LESSON 7: Character’s story goal,’ and last minute considerations


In this lesson we’re going to delve into what your character wants—your character’s story goal; and what in his/her background (that you’ve established over the course of this class) motivates him/her to work toward that goal?  Below are a few additional, last minute helpful hints to get you’re thought process going.


Characters should have at least one or more of the following STRENGTHS—we all have strengths that make us who we are—what makes us root for your character?

•           Courage

•           Virtue

•           Likeability

•           Competence

•           Consideration

•           Humor

•           Loyalty

•           Fairness

•           Kindness

•           Ingenuity

•           Tolerance

•           Discretion

•           Generosity

•           Adaptability

•           Others?


Characters should also have at least one or more WEAKNESSES—we’re not all perfect. What gets your character into trouble, causes conflict? What traits do they overcome?

•           Envy

•           Greed

•           Vanity

•           Laziness

•           Arrogance

•           Insecurity

•           Narcissism

•           Intolerance

•           Selfishness

•           Conceitedness

•           False pride

•           Others?



How does your character react to others? The suggestions below are rather repetitive, but you need to really think about your character and how they do or don’t get along (react) to others in your story. Here are a few suggestions to consider—are they:

•           Strong

•           Jealous

•           Weak

•           Sympathetic

•           Afraid

•           Devious

•           Criminal

•           Secretive

•           Helpful

•           Caring

•           Supportive

•           Others


As for your character’s story goal, what does he/she want (desire) to accomplish by the end of their story? Is it one of the following:

•           Possession of: a person, object, information, something tangible?

•           Relief from: fear, pain, sadness, loneliness, domination, oppression, something from within?

•           Or is it a quest? Something they want to accomplish?

•           Other?


And a few final considerations before you wrap up your compelling characters. What are their preferences on the following:

•           Attitude toward sex, love, marriage

•           Philosophy for life in general

•           Are your characters ruled by logic? Emotion? Other?


Tip of the Day:

•           The Character Arc is the character’s transformation over the course of the story—his/her growth from the person he/she started out to be in the beginning of the story, to the person he/she becomes at the end of the story—also referred to as your character’s “growth.”


HOMEWORK—LESSON 7:  And so using all the wonderful character development ‘beyond the basics’ that you’ve been working on this month it’s time to identify why your character wants to obtain his/her goal? What is it in their background that motivates them to strive to achieve their goal? What conflict(s) keep them from obtaining their goals? Review your character’s description that you’ve created in this class. Have you developed a more compelling, ‘real’ character? A character that has goals motivated by their background ‘Beyond the Basics” suggestions? Both internally and externally?


Note: There is still time for last minute considerations, questions, and homework review. The class will end on Wednesday, but I’ll be available through the end of the week. Good luck with your character developments, and novels.



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