Character-Workshop Lesson 4 - Reply - JamieBJ

Carol Henry <carolhenry@...>


Jamie, again a lot of good ‘stuff’ to build your story around.


Abigail Faith Lucas Madison, it is! If the name works for both you and Abigail, it’s a winner.


Digging deeper we find a bit more about what makes Abigail tick.  Especially her early childhood, her mother’s death, and her guilt in the part she feels she played. I can understand her not letting people get close to her emotionally after all she’s seen, (her PTSD), but after reading your Lesson Three, where her nervous energy, and winning an eye contest or two led me to believe she was a bit of a prankster , you mention in this lesson that she has become more withdrawn and quiet after the death of her mother—a conflict within herself it seems. Which, she does she overcome, or does it plays havoc throughout the story?  It might do her well when she goes to England and has to become very prim and proper in daily society, but will we see sparks of that inner child (her real self) crying to come out?  It will be interesting to see which one wins as the story unfolds.


Did I miss what fatal sudden disease killed her husband?


Lots and lots of interesting facts to work around in your story.


Excellent job!



Carol Henry

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