Character-Workshop Lesson 3- Reply- Jamie

Carol Henry <carolhenry@...>



a lot of thought went into your character’s personality. It will give you a lot to work with as she interacts, and reacts with the other characters in your story. I love your description “Abigail tends to look like she’s about ready to come out of her seat,” a description I know well, as I tend to sit at the edge of my seat most of the time. That ‘restless energy’ is very telling. I also like your description “if keeping eye contact were a game of “chicken,” Abigail would win every time.  This really gives us a strong idea of her personality, and how she responds to people or at least how she goes about making them uncomfortable. As far as her not understanding why, my feeling is I think she really knows, but doesn’t want to admit it to herself that she can be off-putting. J


The other thing that I think needs a bit more description here would be to elaborate on her ‘more up-to-date clothes.’  I checked your lesson two, where you described some of her ‘rare occasion’ dress habits, but what are her new clothes like? Especially, now that she’s in England and needs to act more refined. Because of the time-era, you’ll need to be more descriptive. (you don’t need to reply to me on this, unless you want to).


Overall, a well-done lesson.



Carol Henry

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