Lesson 3- Speech, Mannerisms, and Personality - Jamie


Abigail Madison

Speech: Abigail’s speech is refined and controlled most of the time (befitting a daughter of a university professor), but not always; when she is flustered, the first thing in her head tends to pop out. She does have a catchphrase; when something amuses or surprises her, her go-to phrase is, “Merciful heavens.” This was consciously cultivated, knowing that she could spontaneously say worse things (as mentioned in the previous sentence). She has a 1770s Boston accent, tinged slightly with traces of the Derbyshire roots of her parents.

Mannerisms: Even when sitting, Abigail tends to look like she’s about ready to come out of her seat; she has a restless energy which makes her prefer to do things rather than sit or be waited upon. When in England, she tends to move and sit awkwardly after she gets her new, more up-to-date clothes; she just is not comfortable in them, and her manner shows that. She can sit still if she is actively engaged in an activity, like copying over music sheets for her young friends or reading a book. Being a foreigner in a formal society, she almost goes overboard in trying to appear proper when eating or following rules of society, but some persnickety other characters still can be harsh in their judgment. After a bit--since the detractors will be unkind anyway--she loosens up and allows more of her natural personality to come through, in part evidenced by a more relaxed posture. She tends to look people directly in the eye and hold a gaze longer than most women of the times or of her class; this can make other people uncomfortable (but Abigail doesn’t understand why). If keeping eye contact were a game of “chicken,” Abigail would win every time. She appears earnest to others but not unkind.

Personality: She doesn’t see herself as courageous or anything special whatsoever. But in her past, she had to be strong, independent, and courageous; she’s just a little bit rusty using these facets of her personality. Since her husband's death, she has simply defined herself as the dutiful daughter taking care of her aging father, who is still a professor.

Jamie BJ