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Hi, Kathy, for purposes of this class I’ll be helping you with Jake Weston’s Character—the Hero.  It’s great you’ve already got your other characters assigned a role in relation to Jake.


So, we need to see more of what Jake actually looks like. Other than knowing he’s white Anglo Saxon (?), and that his brows are sparse, he’s lean and well-muscled, we need to know a bit more.  How is his sun-streaked brown hair styled? He may be a NAVY Seal, but we need to know how he dresses on and off the job. 


I know sometimes these are hard to wrap your head around before you get started writing, but check out the individual points I listed at the bottom of Lesson Two again, and see if you can come up with a few more descriptive details for Jake that will give us a better sense of what he looks like. What he actually wears on the job might be indicative of his on duty location—is he dressed for undercover work, and if so, what does that require him to look like—what all is part of his uniform? Again, his work location might have him wearing a beard, dressed mostly in black for night time recon purposes. Of course he might be all over the place globally, but for this story, you need to pinpoint his location and what he wears.  Anyway, I’m sure you’re getting my point.


So, feel free to look at Lesson Two again and fill in a few more details. It’s up to you whether or not  you’d like to have me look at Lesson Two again. In any case, don’t get discouraged, sometimes it takes plotting (or even writing) a few more scenes of your story until you get a good ‘feel’ for your characters so they can be who they need to be in your story.


I look foreword to finding out more about Jake as the class continues,




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Jake has scars a particularly nasty one from a recent knife wound from his last deployment where he almost lost his life.
When he's off duty he wears button fly jeans and either t-shirt or a polo shirt. 
When he's on duty he wears "cammies" which is his camouflage uniform with tan boots that are tactical ones that are issued by the military. He tends to wear the same type of boot off duty.
Off the rack, he tends to wear dark colored shirts. 
His hair is a short military haircut. Not buzz, but close to the head.
He's originally from Texas, hopes to make it to retirement (20 years) he's about halfway there with 9.5 years in the Navy. Entered at 18 went through basic then BUD/S training. He's Lead Petty Officer (E-6) in charge of his team/platoon. 
Never married, was engaged, she sent him a "Dear John" email saying his long absences, being stationed in San Diego so far from Texas wasn't what she wanted. 
Now, he's met another woman at a critical time in his career.  

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