Lesson 2 Homework-Kathy

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In this lesson we’re going to identify a few more character visual traits that will define and add more depth to your character’s outward appearance. But before we do that, we need to define your character’s type, if you haven’t already—who they are in your story. Here are some categories to consider:
Who are they in your story?:
•           The lead character
•           Hero- Jake Weston

•           Heroine - Amanda Locke

•           Antagonist—evil villain -not named- he dies in the end 

•           Friend/someone who supports your lead character
Here I have 2 friends. The husband of Amanda's best friend, Frank Reynolds, was Jake's former lieutenant in the SEAL team with Jake.
Dana Reynolds, Frank's wife, is best friend's with Amanda. Both of these people are a part of Amanda and Jake's life. 

•           Other major character * I did this above
Going beyond the basics—what do your characters really ‘look’ like?
It’s time to really look at your character’s outward appearance. In doing so, here are a few points to consider adding to your basic description in Lesson 1:
•           What is their ethnic background, how does this define their appearance? All of them are white Anglo-Saxon(?)

•           What is their body build: are they fat, pasty, unkempt, voluptuous, buckteeth, have a uni-brow—no eyebrows, or do they have well-defined features?
Jake's brows are sparse, lean well muscled, he's a SEAL.

Amanda works out doing yoga and aerobics plus she works in a convenience store. She keeps her brows neat has dark brown eyes, a medium brown curly hair. Medium bone structure, she's stands about 5' 5" wears heels when she goes out, prefers jeans and shirts when she's not working where she wears khakis and a polo shirt furnished by the store. 

•           What is their bone structure, shape of lips, nose ears, and their physique (do they workout, or need to work out more)?
•           How is their hair styled, the length, is it wavy, thick frizzy, straight, always worn in a ponytail, a man bun?
•           What do they wear on their heads?  In their hair—depending on the season your story takes place or era you are writing about?
•           Are their eyes large, round, squinty, or oval? Large or small eyelashes?
•           Do they wear glasses—what shape/color?
•           Skin tones, not just for ethnic descriptions, but say you’re writing a beach novel and the poor dear fell asleep on the beach on the hottest day of the year? Ouch!
•           Do they have scars or other markings on their face, or other parts of their body—where? How did they get them?
•           Go ahead and think about other parts of the body that need descriptions—the hands, feet, etc.
And just to give you more to think about:
•           How are they dressed?
•           What kind of shoes, shock, stocking, foot ware, if any?
•           Color, styles of clothing (period dress)?
•           Are their clothes, hand-made, fashion plate, or off-the-rack?

Kathy Crouch writing as CK Crouch
Romance Tangled up with Suspense

Kathy <kcr2696439@...>

I thought of some more things about Jake. He has laugh lines around his eyes. He wears sunglasses some of the time. He's tanned from living in San Diego and swimming in the ocean. 

Kathy Crouch writing as CK Crouch
Romance Tangled up with Suspense