Lesson 1 and 2 - Carolan

Carol Henry <carolhenry@...>

Hi, Carolan,


Thank you for your introduction. I wouldn’t worry about whether or not your YA topic will be ‘a popular book’, you simply have to write the book YOU want to write. The rest will take care of itself. Your focus on OCD and cerebral palsy already tells us something about your characters, and that’s a huge start.


Your general description in Lesson One already gives us an indication of the type of person this character is, thanks to his nickname Peaky J


Lesson Two--WOW! You’ve given this a lot of thought. There is so much here for you to work with already. It’s obvious you do know your subject matter, and I’m sure it will come across in your writing. Again, don’t worry about whether or not this novel will be a popular book—I’m betting on it resonating with YA from the get-go.


Keep up the good work.





Carol Henry

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