Welcome from the Moderator

STAR Moderator

Welcome to All About Character presented by Carol Henry. Our workshop will be starting on February 4th and runs through the 28th. I am Zara West

Here is how the class works

All class messages will show up in your Inbox as individual emails or as an email daily digest, if you choose. To post a message to our class, simply respond to the email.

Before you return a post, however, please take a moment to make sure to change the subject line so it has your name in it so everyone knows who sent it. If you have trouble sending or receiving email messages from our group, you can participate by signing into the website. It will ask for a password. Click send new password then follow the directions that show up in your email.

Also, don't panic if you don't see your first post. This forum requires me or the instructor to approve each person's first message. After that no approval is needed.

Use of Material

Many of STAR’s classes have produced some special ‘ah-ha’ and ‘light bulb’ moments, and it is understandable that you may want to share this information with the world.  However, all class material generated and used in this, and other STAR workshops, is copyrighted and belongs to the instructor.

 It is for your one-time use only, as a paid participant of the class, and is not to be shared, verbatim, outside the class, unless you have permission from the instructor.  We ask that you please show the same respect for this material, as you would for any other copyrighted material.  Thanks.

Important Details

  • If you need computer help, please email me OFF LIST at starworkshopmoderator@...--we like to keep the group focused on the fun stuff – writing! I want to know immediately if you encounter any technical problems so we can take care of them when they occur.
  • If you want your messages to come to an email other than the one you received this message, please let me know so I can change it. 

First Post

Now, let’s get started. Please send a brief introduction about yourself, explaining why you chose this workshop, and what you hope to achieve. Starting the exchange and getting to know each other is half the fun.

Glad to have you here.

Zara West, Workshop Moderator 
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