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Jake has scars a particularly nasty one from a recent knife wound from his last deployment where he almost lost his life.
When he's off duty he wears button fly jeans and either t-shirt or a polo shirt. 
When he's on duty he wears "cammies" which is his camouflage uniform with tan boots that are tactical ones that are issued by the military. He tends to wear the same type of boot off duty.
Off the rack, he tends to wear dark colored shirts. 
His hair is a short military haircut. Not buzz, but close to the head.
He's originally from Texas, hopes to make it to retirement (20 years) he's about halfway there with 9.5 years in the Navy. Entered at 18 went through basic then BUD/S training. He's Lead Petty Officer (E-6) in charge of his team/platoon. 
Never married, was engaged, she sent him a "Dear John" email saying his long absences, being stationed in San Diego so far from Texas wasn't what she wanted. 
Now, he's met another woman at a critical time in his career.  

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