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This group was established with the intent to provide past/present members & affiliates of 1SOPS with a community of like-minded individuals, interested in:
1) Perpetuating personal motivation and ideals for success
2) Increasing their collective Financial Intelligence
3) Understanding more about personal and financial investment
4) Discussing entrepreneurial pursuits and concepts

Some of the greatest resources we have available to us are our peers; this group is being formed with the Mastermind intent, and is designed to encourage peer discussions regarding the subjects listed above, while at the same time, strengthening the bonds we have established in the workplace. People can do amazing things, if they choose to pursue them. One of the greatest hindrances to action is the lack of understanding. This group will introduce and discuss topics and fundamentals that are unforgivably NOT taught in traditional (or even higher!) education. This group will encourage the desire to seek out and research the discussed topics, and continually add to the discussions. In an official capacity, this group will also seek to coordinate formal discussions and bring in accredited resources, designed to provide TRUE financial education, while at the same time increasing unit and personal resilience.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official Air Force, or 1SOPS sponsored group.

PLEASE NOTE: The concepts, ideas, and testimonies brought forth by group members should NOT to be taken as official/accredited advice. Members are encouraged to discuss financial concepts with a trusted, accredited financial adviser, before making any finance-altering decisions.

PLEASE NOTE: By joining this group, members promise that they will not seek monetary support from other members.

PLEASE NOTE: This group follows a non-attribution policy; without the expressed permission of the associated person(s), nothing will be attributed directly or indirectly in the presence outside of official gatherings

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