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Andrew Brandon

In the 1890s the cabooses were painted a mineral color (red-brown) and the passenger equipment was painted Tuscan. These colors are the standard Southern Pacific colors of the era, they were applied to SPC cars as they were repainted post-1887.

Take a look at the color cards here: the colors are shown with a Pantone Matching System number and a color representation of what it should look like. If you print the cards with a good laser jet on quality gloss / semi-gloss paper you should get a representation that is close enough.

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What where the color of the passenger cars and the cabooses in the 1890s? Green, red, brown? There is a large scale model of caboose #2 in brown (or red?). Is this correct (both model and color)?

The picture of the model:

...from this site:

Has the passenger cars the same color as the cabooses?

György Czéh
Budapest, Hungary

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