Red-necked Grebes, Tahoma, PLA/ED By Will Richardson ·
Sagebrush Sparrow at Sugar Pine Pt. SP By Will Richardson ·
Lawrence's Goldfinch at Pomin, Tahoe City By Will Richardson ·
Chestnut-collared Longspur, S. Lake Tahoe By Will Richardson ·
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Sierra Valley today By Martin Meyers ·
White-crowned Sparrow Return Dates By Tim Jackson ·
Lake Forest Nelson’s sparrow By Craig Swolgaard ·
Nelson’s Sparrow continuing By dietrichscott71 ·
Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow, North Tahoe, Lake Forest (Placer County) By dietrichscott71 ·
Vesper Sparrow at Auburn SRA 2 messages By Craig Swolgaard ·
Georgetown Mountain Chickadee 2 messages By Craig Swolgaard ·
Bonaparte's Gulls at Boca and Stampede By Craig D Dodson ·
Costa's Hummingbird (male) 2 messages By Chris Swarth ·
White Wagtail, S. Lake Tahoe 2 messages By Will Richardson ·
[countybirders] White Wagtail, S. Lake Tahoe By Steve Rovell ·
Mariposa County poorwill sighting By John Harris ·
[countybirders] Birding around the Truckee area (NEV) Saturday 3-27-21 By Will Richardson ·
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