White-winged Scoter still present at Glenshire Pond 5/7/2022

Martin Meyers

Just a heads-up for any of you hoping to see the White-winged Scoter at
Glenshire Pond. Present in its usual middle-of-the-pond position late
this afternoon. I've put a photo on my website for anyone interested.
Click on the "Recent" tab.

p.s. I hope I'll be forgiven for providing a little info that is
slightly outside the boundaries for these lists, but if you're coming to
Glenshire to look for the Scoter, you are only about 25 miles from the
Sparks Marina (in Reno/Sparks, Nevada). Nevada's third Pomarine Jaeger
(if endorsed by the NBRC) has been present and easily found at that
location every day since May 3, including this afternoon (5/7.) A
couple of photos of that bird are also on my website ("Recent" tab).


Martin Meyers
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