Today,Late Black-headed Grosbeaks, Calaveras

Sally M. Walters



Should be added to CBC data if within count week.
Black-headed Grosbeaks
For about a week these 5-6 birds were feeding in a flock. At least one was a male, others likely male though could be female. Binoculars were NOT used. Described to me by a non-birder, sister, as larger than the dark-eyed juncos it was feeding with, along with CA Quail. Description: Black hood, orange belly, black-sided (wings)with white crescents (wing bars) bill larger than junco bill. Feeding on bird seed spread on the driveway. Weather: rain on and off until yesterday when it snowed at 5 pm yesterday. Today was frozen, 2 inches of melting snow, bare dirt driveway. Still snowing and sticking with the temperature dropping. Grosbeaks are moving around together, scratching for insects under conifer duff, feeding under trees. This is a familiar, regular spring and summer bird at the family home. Assumed to be around due to 70-degree weather previous to recent cold storms, or migrants from further north. Spotted tail was NOT mentioned and not recalled when asked: therefore, was not a spotted towhee that is a year round resident.
PRIVATE PROPERTY easily viewed from Cougar Ridge Road. Do not disturbed residents. Wave if residents are present.
4369 Meadowview Road, Murphys CA 95223, Tuolumne County, California, US on Sun Dec 26, 2021

Sally M Walters, Sacramento