Tahoe titmice and Truckee Pinyon Jays

Will Richardson

The two Juniper Titmice at the far eastern edge of the Upper Truckee Marsh have been showing fairly reliably in recent days. I haven’t heard any news from today, but I know they were seen well by many folks on Tuesday and Wednesday. I dipped on my Monday afternoon attempt, so they do leave the area for periods of time.

Also, after a bit of driving around, Willie Hall and his wife managed to find a flock 30-40 Pinyon Jays around 3:30 yesterday in the Glenshire neighborhood of Truckee. I’ve yet to encounter this larger flock, just hearing 1-3 birds at a time flying by the yard or at Glenshire Elementary when giving a school program las Friday.

Will Richardson
Truckee, CA

T. Will Richardson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Tahoe Institute for Natural Science