Re: SLT Wild Turkey

Will Richardson

Hi Andrew,

They turn up every few years, esp. in Meyers, as there’s somebody in Christmas Valley that keeps a bunch of different gamebirds. As far as I can tell they’re all escapees, and they don’t last long in the wild. Still good to report and keep track of these though, as it might be possible that one might walk over Echo Summit. We’ve seen rattlesnakes starting to pour over from the west in recent years; turkeys could follow.

The S. Lake Tahoe checklist, which is from 1976, is quite out of date. Ours is missing about a half-dozen recent new vagrants (e.g. Phainopepla, White Wagtail), but it certainly covers the typical stuff well. We can stick one in the mail for anybody for $4:

or it’s free to download as a pdf here:

Will Richardson
Truckee, CA

T. Will Richardson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Tahoe Institute for Natural Science

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