MS City to Shore





Don’t Worry – The Begging Doesn’t Start Until Next Week


I wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going.


  1. We are currently working on our Frequency Plan for the Event this year.  While we are hoping that most of our systems and frequencies will be up and ready to go, there may be some changes and/or additions.
  2. We unfortunately received some bad news last week that we will not be able to advertise on the back of the t-shirts this year.  (Neither Logos nor Call Signs)  We are working with the Society to hopefully bring this back text year.

--  If anyone has already sent in a check, we will void it out, scan it, and send and email with the attached VOID.  If you would rather have us mail the voided check back, we will happily do so.

      3.  When folks volunteer, we are sending a confirmation with the 2019 Comms Pkg   

           attached.  Once again, when you receive it, we ask that you go through it and send

           us any question that you may have on anything.

  1. Our last mailing only fruited 39 volunteers.  We thought we would have had a

much better return.  We are hoping that this email will do better.


With the number of volunteers on our mailing list going down, we ask that you all forward this email with attachment to any HAMS you may know, and ask them to help.  Please remember that whether you have volunteered or not, we keep you on our recruitment mailings so that you are able to continue to forward our correspondence, and assist us in our recruiting effort.


This is the link to our on-line sign up form:


Whether you sign up on line, email the form back, or snail mail the form back, we don’t care.                                    JUST PLEASE SIGN UP.

That’s all for now, you will hear from us once again next week.


With Much Appreciation
EvComm (609.795.0909)