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This mailing list is primarily for the posting of loco hauled observations by members whilst out and about in France.
If members are not able to post whilst out and about then a post listing observations or a trip report post when home is acceptable.
For those into photography, freight etc you are also welcome to post your observations on here, you are also welcome to post a link to your photographs if you wish but please only post a link to a set of photographs rather than several individual links.

News items such as advance notice of Railtours, new locomotive or unit orders especially the later if known to be replacing loco hauled services, cutbacks to services, line closures, engineering works affecting loco hauled services and so on.

Loco diagrams for passenger workings are uploaded in the files area of the group however these should only be used for guidance, These can change and often do on a regular basis be it week by week or even on the day.

Files uploaded to the group are for the members of this group alone, No member is permitted to copy, upload or distribute any file uploaded on this group to any other group or other outside websites without the permission of the person who has created that file.

Links to a couple of useful websites and

Cover Photograph - A1A A1A 62029 on an European Traction charter at Volgelsheim on 09 Septembet 2018.

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