Another Use for the Notes Option in SKCC Logger

ART SEARLE <w2nra@...>

Hi All,

I just thought of a new (to me) use for the Notes option in SKCC Logger.  Use it for your SKCC planning notes.  I enter my own callsign in the log entry window, click on Notes, enter your notes and save.  Leave it open for the day.   BTW you don't have to enter valid callsign.  You can make multiple entries by entering a different name in the Call box.  I enter K3Y for my K3Y/2 operating time schedule.  Just keep in mind that you can only open one Note window at a time.

Before I started using SKCC Logger's Notes I'd have bunch of Windows Notepad notes open on my computer and I'd have to remember where I save them.  Now I just enter my call or other names I use and click on Notes.
73, Art, W2NRA
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