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Tom Wayburn



Will Gage of Northwest Crossing, who gave a talk at San Jac on Free-MoN, has a scanner.  We listened one day at the club:  The “speaker” claimed that there was a man sitting on the end of the last car who was dragging his feet on the ground.  They tried to catch him without success.  No doubt, you can hear some strange things on those scanners.


Will’s email is willgage@....  I am sure he will explain what you might do.


Tom Wayburn, San Jac, NWX, N’Crowd


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Is anybody using a scanner to listen to local railroad radio
channels? I bought a Radio Shack Pro-651 this past week, and after using
the data available at to program the local BNSF and
UP frequencies I'm not picking up anything. I may not have the type of
reception set up correctly or maybe they're encrypting their radios.
If anybody is successfully using a scanner to listen to railroad
radios locally I'd like to hear how you set yours up.


Rick Jones

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