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Frolin Marek


35th National Narrow Gauge Convention  -  Special Events News Flash


We have been contacted by the Texas State Railroad and presented with an option to have a ‘Photographer’s Special’ photo train run on Wednesday, the 2nd.  This will be a Steam Powered Passenger Special, with limited seating available.  It will include photo run-bys, both directions.  Please drop by the website to read more. 


And if you are interested, send us an email this week to let us know.  We need at least 100 people listed by June 15th to pursue this Photo Train Special.



On Saturday evening, we have two events scheduled for your entertainment.  First is a five part slideshow presentation of pictures taken on the Colorado Narrow Gauge lines in the 1950’s, including one set of photos taken by Ward Kimball of Disney fame. 

Then we brought back the ‘Auctions’ and will be hosted by Charlie Getz as a fund-raiser for the Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation.



Drop by the website and check out the new  Extras  page setup to cover these topics and many others that are coming about, beyond the normal material you may be expecting or looking for at this years, National Narrow Gauge Convention, in Houston, Texas in September !



Frolin Marek

35th NNGC web-master

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