SJ Audubon General Meeting Tues Oct 13 7pm. Via Zoom. All are welcome. By England ·
Lodi Lake 2 messages By Pat Paternostro ·
Probable Sagebrush Sparrow on Waverly By David Yee ·
Yard Birds By k foley ·
Laughlin & Baxter Parks today By Kurt Mize ·
Ripon Sewage Ponds (West) this afternoon By Ralph ·
WC sparrow By Andrew Rodriguez ·
Lodi Lake By Pat Paternostro ·
Solitary Sandpiper at Tracy WTP By k foley ·
Christian Life College. 2 messages By Pat Croft ·
Cranes By Pat Croft ·
Laurel Ave Oaks By Pat Paternostro ·
Tennesee Warbler and other stuff By Kurt Mize ·
Tennessee Warbler still on Laurel today By k foley ·
Tennessee Warbler still there at 5:15 2 messages By Jim Rowoth ·
Tennessee Warbler at Lodi Lake By David Yee ·
Cranes By Pat Croft ·
Laughlin and Baxter Parks this morning By Kurt Mize ·
Yard birds, 09/20/20 By Jim Rowoth ·
FOS RCK By Kurt Mize ·
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