DIY meeting By Pat Paternostro ·
Isenberg (and lost dog)--2nd attempt By Jim Rowoth ·
oops By Jim Rowoth ·
SJ Audubon: This Tuesday, March 16: DIY Birding Follow-up & New Challenge By England ·
MISSED JOHN STERLING’S 3/9 PROGRAM? Here’s the recording. By England ·
Western Kingbird By Jim Rowoth ·
Today's Program Zoom Info By Srini Raman ·
Yard Birds By k foley ·
Cord Rd - Mountain Blubird’s By Pat Paternostro ·
Lodi Lake 2 messages By Pat Paternostro ·
SJ Audubon Program on 3/9 (and another on 4/13), and new HOOT OWL By England ·
Birds in the news By Pat Croft ·
Lodi Lake By Pat Paternostro ·
DIY birding By Pat Paternostro ·
Northern Harrier courtship display at Bear Creek bike trail By Susan Schneider ·
FOS Cliff Swallows (and Rough-wings) By Jim Rowoth ·
FOS Cliff Swallows By Kurt Mize ·
DIY Birding Followup (Stockton Rural Cemetery) and intro to next venue (Woodbridge Road, Lodi) Tues 3/2 By England ·
Stockton Rural Cemetery By Susan Schneider ·
SJ Audubon DIY Birding Followup (Flood/Waverly) and intro to next venue TUES 2/16 @ 7:00 PM By England ·
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