Ukrain By Pat Croft ·
Lodi Lake By Pat Croft ·
TWO SJAS FIELD TRIPS THIS WEEKEND: Woodbridge Wilderness and Mokelumne Fish Hatchery. By England ·
Common Crane? 2 messages By Joe Morlan ·
Lodi Lake By Pat Croft ·
Great Backyard Bird Count is next weekend, February 18-21, 2022 By England ·
SJ Audubon: Cosumnes River Walk this Saturday--CLARIFICATION By Jim Rowoth ·
SJ Audubon: Cosumnes River Walk this Saturday By England ·
GBBC By Pat Croft ·
Tuesday, Feb 8 @ 7:00 pm PST: Chris Conard "Changes in Local Bird Population over 25 years ()and it's not all depressing) By England ·
GBBC weekend. By Pat Croft ·
Feb Beginning Birding @ Lodi Lake this morning (and contact info) By Jim Rowoth ·
Gerardot Stables By Pat Croft ·
Pine Siskins By Pat Croft ·
Birders ... come one, come all to a bird book giveaway bonanza! By David Yee ·
SJAS Field Events This Weekend By England ·
SJ Audubon Jan-Feb Hoot Owl is now available. By England ·
Lodi ducks 4 messages By Pat Paternostro ·
SJAS FT: SUNDAY, JAN 2--LODI LAKE (Intro Birding Field Trip) By England ·
Lodi Lake By Pat Croft ·
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