Waverly Road LONGSPUR - an update


Sorry I didn't post this earlier, but I just figured it out (with the help of Lucas Stephenson).

I misidentified my LONGSPUR this afternoon! I was remembering details I did not actually see! I must have been thinking about the book and not the bird, because I originally IDed my bird as Lapland Longspur (I have very little experience with londspurs, as I'd only seen one before today), but after posting a photo on Lucas's FB page he commented that it looked better for CHESTNUT-COLLARED, and he was right. I cropped some of my other photos and found one that shows the primary projection on my bird, which is quite short. So I have changed the ID in ebird, If you'd like to look at my photos of this bird and weigh in you can find my list at https://ebird.org/checklist/S97228867

I also thought I had heard a CHESTNUT-COLLARED LONGSPUR in the same area where I had seen this bird, but a few hours later. I guess I may have been right about that.

Ralph Baker, Riverbank