Swenson Park in Stockton

k foley

Rich and I ran over to Swenson Park between the rains and saw lots of Pine sisken and Purple finch in the Valley oaks along the creek, Yellow-rumped warblers all over the Oaks and in the grass, Cedar waxwings, one Orange-crowned warbler, tons of Acorn woodpeckers and Red-shafted flickers, way too many Starlings and all of the expected winter residents. But as we were leaving we saw a large white bird flying along the creek. It was an Osprey! I couldn't believe my eyes until I remembered about 15 years ago I had an Osprey sitting in a dead tree just behind my house and I was so excited I called San Joaquin Audubon Conservation Chair, Waldo Holt and breathlessly left a message on his answering machine, that's right, not voicemail, a mechanical answering machine with a tape and everything:) He called me back laughing at my enthusiasm. I recently thought about it and began to think I imagined seeing the Osprey. So, when I saw the one today I was more than thrilled to remember it was true and to have a warm reminder of Waldo, a good friend who passed away over 13 years ago.

Good birding everyone and remember to not take your friends (or loved ones) for granted.

Kasey Foley
Stockton, CA